Monday, September 15, 2008

Classroom Pictures - After school Started

A really blurry picture of the Word Wall in my classroom. My students vocabulary is building...I think its time to add some more sight words!
This is the board where my students come into the classroom and get their punch card. It lets me know who is, and isn't here for the day.
What the computers looked like when they were in a pod. I got rid of this to free up some space. I now have the computers in a row along the chalkboard. This is really nice, it allows me to see what everyone is doing while they are on the computer. Its an eye shot distance away from where I teach small group math and reading.

A shot of what the desks looked like on the first day of school. I have since had SEVERAL seating arrangments, and the most recent seems to be working...especially with centers! Look for an updated arrangment!

Look closely at the poster at the bottom of this picture. I was trying to get my hands on one of these while I was shopping for the beginning of the school year. I couldn't find it anywhere! One of my mom's friends, who is no longer a teacher, gave me a lot of great decorations for my classroom. This was one of the things she gave me. We recite this poem EVERY time we leave the classroom, even if it is just to take a restroom break!
This is a shot of what my hall passes looked like before they all were dropped and broken. I don't get why the kids are so rough with things! I even had nice hooks in the bathroom for them to hang them on. I did this mainly so they wouldn't take them into the stalls with them! Eew!

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Don't you think it is time to update this wonderful blog? I would love to see new pictures of your classroom or the projects that you are doing!

Love ya!